Thursday, August 5, 2010

Actual information about tree pruning from some knowledgeable people

With my brief, lazy googling I only got as far as "topping" which assumes only a decorative purpose and proclaims that it hurts trees and gives them sunburn. So ignore that.

About the chopped stump that grows into a little puffball in the summer :

(I called it the puffball tree to myself and it reminds me of the truffula trees from the Lorax except that it regrows happily after pruning and all, being part of the use/reuse cycle, providing slender willowcanes for human use and shade in the summer, maybe it is more of the Giving Tree without the sad stump ending... I love childrens' books.)

Two articles, English and Dutch, about tree racks:

Tree shapes:

Thanks to Marion and Frits!

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