Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Today's commute

No photo, just a mention.
I rode past a black sheep with his head stuck through a gap in a fence.
He was trying to pull back, but his big sheep ears kept him trapped. They must have flattened when he pushed through and then popped up with a very cute sound effect...
I went on for about 20 meters before sighing and turning around.
I'm sure he could have eventually freed himself, but I held his ears down for him as he pulled. Success!
Bah. Bah.


  1. Hah! That's awesome :) Lucky sheep, and I'm sure the ears did make a cute, springy noise when they popped up. :)

  2. There's very likely a law which would see that some person was punished if that sheep died. In fact it was probably that man who made you crash who used the wrong kind of fencing material.

  3. A black sheep. There's always one in the family, always in trouble. And not always a good Samaritan pedaling by ...

  4. Each ear, Sproing! Sproing! :) It was the only black sheep in the little flock.
    Heh, I bet you're right Green Idea Factory...

  5. This story makes me smile! Awww.... No stories like that biking through Flushing Meadows Park nor hiking the Appalachian trail... ah, Europe...