Sunday, July 18, 2010

First in line

Ok, so I'm addicted to croissants.
From the supermarket.
I'm also a "morning person."
I wake up with the sun and have the most energy around 7am every day. It's weird, I know. Not much I can do about it... and because of this and my aforementioned addiction,  I know the opening times of Hoogvliet on the weekends. 8am and 10am. Often, I get there early and have to start circling the block until they open so I can get my fix. 
It's a problem...
However, despite all this, I'm almost never first in line.
I'm usually behind a man or two, purchasing large quantities of beer.
I would not have noticed if this didn't happen every single weekend, both Saturday and Sunday.
So now I'm curious.
How do they manage to put all the beer in the shopping cart and get to the cashier before me?
I, literally, wait for the doors to open, walk in, choose a package of  freshly baked croissants and walk around the corner to the cashier.  This takes less than 1 minute. Am I dawdling when I pick a package?
Do these men run?
And why?
Did they forget to buy beer the night before? Did they run out? Is it for a day long picnic/fishing trip? Why not buy more earlier in the week and leave for the trip before the supermarket opens? Is beer better when purchased at 8am?
Should I be buying beer to go with my croissants?
I will have to ask one of the guys next weekend.


  1. I like that the beer is all loose. Is the six pack an American thing? How about the 24 pack?

  2. Beer is on the shelf in six packs, but you can just take a few bottles out if that is all you want. Cheap beer also comes in 24 bottle cases that come in plastic milk crate style cases (returnable with deposit) perfect for strapping to a bike rack.