Friday, July 16, 2010

Back in the saddle


After a week traveling in the US, with daily car usage and extreme changes in temperature due to ubiquitous air conditioning, it felt so good to get back on my bicycle yesterday. Thank you mild weather Holland, with your wonderful bicycle infrastructure!

My "new" saddle, bought with my tax return from early this year, is finally broken in and it is very comfortable.
I don't want to sit anywhere else. Springs are the way to go! I would have settled for less showy rivets but the Brooks Flyer S Special was the only saddle in the store... and people treat Brooks saddles like garbage over here, so no worries about theft. Just put a bag over it at night for rain protection. Most people don't even do that.
(I'd give it less than 24 hours in NYC, rain bag or no rain bag.)

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  1. Come visit in Denver! The weather here can be very nice.