Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Today's commute

I've found the best route! It's along a river all the way to Voorburg, and then up to Den Haag. It's beautiful, well paved, quiet and mostly apart from traffic.
I get passed by helmeted spandex road racers due to it's popularity for being uninterrupted by annoying things like cars or pedestrians. I'm considering getting myself a helmet! :)

The first thing of note was the weather. It was a gorgeous day... in only the way days of miserable weather can make a nice day, absolutely splendid. The sun! The sun.

Second thing... a low hum in my ear was the first indication that something weird was happening. Then this little pod thing shot past me and way ahead before I could get my camera out. It was fast!
 Best adult tricycle ever.

Next, and worrisome for those low to the ground, horse poop. All over the path. I've sent my sister, the horse expert, a questionaire about the possibilities of training horses to poop off a path. Wouldn't that be awesome?
I'll post her response if she ever answers me.

To make up for the last photo, I passed a pretty white horse resting in a field of yellow flowers.

And then, the only obstruction on the path. Construction work on some bricks near Leidschendam.

And, the construction workers made up for that minor inconvenience

On the way home I stopped to make some more photos. A windmill named De Salamander.

That pretty horse again posing next to a barn.

Waiting for a light.

And some unavoidable gnomes in their gnome rock garden.


  1. Re horse poop: the horse is not to blame, it's the rider who doesn't take a moment to stop the horse and turn the offending end to the verge. But in defense of the rider I must also concede that horses easily poop on the trot so a rider may not notice what is happening until it's too late.

  2. Luckily it rains a lot here :)

  3. ...this little pod... tricycle...

    That's called a velomobile, this one is called a Quest. (see:

    There a lot more types of velomobiles.
    More trikes and velomobiles this weekend in Amsterdam


  4. Nice ride! What?!? A helmet? Noooo.