Sunday, June 6, 2010

Lessons learned from cycling Leiden to Utrecht

65 kilometers is a long ride.
65 kilometers is a longer ride if you don't stop for more than 10 minutes.
If you are afraid of being late to a BBQ, leave earlier or take the train.
16 oz of water is not enough for an almost non-stop 65 kilometer ride in the sun and heat.
If you are incredibly thirsty, dehydrated and sunburnt in weird stripes, it will take at least an hour to find a store selling liquids.
When I feel lost and dehydrated, I become evil.
Cute animals like baby swans and kittens help alleviate evilness. 
Grape juice cures evilness.
Do not plan a long ride when you want to get somewhere by a certain time.
Trust Evan's instincts 75% of the time. Trust my own, 25% or less.
Trust the Dutch FietsKnooppunten system to break down at critical water vendorless junctions.
Follow the river.

The only photo we took during the ride:

Whoops, and this one:

Relax, enjoy the BBQ. Take the train home.

After relaxing and eating, it's much easier to slow down and take photos.

A nice underpass near the Ede-Wageningen station.


  1. "Cute animals like baby swans and kittens help alleviate evilness."

    Absolutely my favourite comment of the day. Hope the sunburn's cooling down a bit now.

    Adam :-)

  2. Awesome photo of baby swans in the algae! And Adam is right - that is a most excellent quote!

  3. Yeah, you need to drink a lot of water when you ride!! Doubt you'd ever need a camelbak type but definitely need to bring more than 16oz.