Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fresh eggs


  1. I really do believe there's a department of child-labour that glues a feather in every single egg-box.

  2. I think it goes to show the industriousness of your chicken that it should lay eggs in a six-form finished product. The feater, I figure, is more a sign of craftsmanship and pride in their aborted children than an comment on child labor.

    Your chickens are much better than the lazy chickens we have around here, dumping eggs one at a time in a nest and then clucking about lazily eating insects and such.

    Clearly a liberal State has brought about this industrious, productive, and proud chicken whereas our unregulated and clearly undisciplined chicken can only be blamed on a "the chicken is responsible for itself and the government should not stand in its way" attitude in the great flyover of the United States. Ironically we treat this attitude as natural and have built an agro-industrial complex to compensate for what is considered the inferior state of chickens.

    Perhaps if we educated our chickens that their egg laying was a privilege, not a right, and that there was an artisan aspect to their work-product and eggs are not merely a happenstance result of a biological process, perhaps then we could have similarly productive chickens. Perhaps we need to think of the chicken not as just a dumb beast (because the clucking indicates a desire to express) but as possible contributor to the great discourse that is life.

    At least we should start a national dialogue about this post haste given that our current nanny-state attitude is economically unviable in a global competitive environment.

    In short, your chicken scares the hell out of me but probably has a delicious flavor.

  3. @Arjen: You're wrong, they have a stable of gnomes for that purpose!