Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cute Coots

Cute Coots, originally uploaded by _Alicia.

The rumbling is a train, the sniffing is me, but the squeaky wheezy cute noises are the cute little coots.


  1. You do realize that coots are aggressive little monsters that easily attack ducks? But yes, they look very cute.
    A bit like women, actually.

    Dutch railways magazine Spoor today says that café De Mug in Middelburg (Vlasmarkt 54-56) was selected best "kroeg" in Holland with an enormous choice of beers. So if you ever get there ...

  2. Thanks for the recommendation.

    Coots also have enormous skeletal dinosaur feet! We have been trying to get a good picture, but no success yet.

  3. Hi Frits- thank you for the info! I still like Coots. Ducks are kind of disgusting.