Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Albert Heijn and the beesies

This is about the "other" supermarket, not the one with the animatronic dancing pigs, bears and cows.
Instead, this supermarket has crazy themed marketing campaigns.
The current one is for "beesies."
They are squiggly fuzzy things with googly eyes.
They have something to do with football. Here's their webpage:

And of course, they have their own beesie flickr photostream with this gem:

And this one:

So naturally, I want one!

Inside the store, a large beesie with a puppet mouth costs €2.49.

The little beesies are gratis! Or free with purchase...

So I quickly pick up a product to buy:

Which is an Albert Heijn brand cereal that clearly features a picture of a monkey throwing his "chocolate" feces at you.

At the register I was told that there is a €15 minimum to get a gratis beesie. Boo!

Now all I have is monkey poop cereal!

Luckily, it is quite tasty.


  1. You should go for the DutchDress. Comes with Bavaria beer :-).

  2. OMG Alicia, I want one of those when u come visit! Monkeypoop cereal! ROTFL!!!