Monday, May 31, 2010

T' Arendsnest

Here's a wonderful little bar in Amsterdam called Arendsnest. They specialize in Dutch beers from Dutch breweries!

We had visited the bar before as a destination for a four hour meandering bike ride from Leiden to Amsterdam, but the whole trip was too exhausting to recount so I never mentioned the bar.
However, last week when our friends were visiting we saw them off to the Anne Frank Museum and took off a few blocks around the corner for Arendsnest. Some things are fun to do twice, like visit a bar with a HUGE selection of Dutch beers. Some things are not fun to do twice, like visiting the Anne Frank Museum. (Which we do strongly recommend that everyone visit at least once if they get the chance. Second time, drop your friend off and visit the bar.)

Evan had his second Jopen Extra Stout, which takes forever to pour and is served with an enormous head like a root beer float...

The interior is nice and comfortable:

Over 20 beers on tap from Jopen, Texels, De Prael, etc.:

Super cool Bartender:

And there's a great link on the website to an index of all the active breweries in the Netherlands. Many of them attend the bock bier festivals and offer samples.

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