Sunday, May 16, 2010

Koga Miyata

Koga Miyata is a collaboration, begun in 1974, between the Japanese company Miyata and a Dutch company. The bikes are all handmade and built in the Netherlands.
The website includes all the old catalogs as PDFs.
I love this illustration from the 1980 catalog.

Click here for the link to the PDF

And for non-Dutch speakers, that is Koga (Koh-ha) with a soft throaty sound on the g.

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  1. And to be clear: Koga may look Japanese but is made up from Marion Ko-walski and Andries Ga-astra, Andries being the third generation of the family that founded Batavus. He preferred not to succeed his father as president of the Batavus company but started out on his own. His son Gerrit owns the specialist idworx bike factory in Germany.