Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Koga Miyata mine!

Yay, for Marktplaats

I bought a 1981 Koga Miyata, Road Mixed Frame with all the original components. I found it for sale in nearby Rijndijk from a woman who took it touring in France. The bike is very well maintained, she kept it indoors. 
It was decently priced, so no haggling. Apparently, people want newer bikes in aluminum, with handlebar shifters for internal gearing. And upright seating.
Silly people.
In New York this would have been somebody's fixed gear conversion project, it has a nice dropout with a built-in tensioner.
Silly somebody.
I love it just the way it is... plus my saddle. :)

Viewing and retrieving a bicycle is somewhat difficult, given that I can't ride on a bike with a spare bike on my side, like so many Dutch people.
They do that.
So instead, I cycled out to view the bicycle, paid, returned home, changed into my jogging attire, and then ran out to get it and ride it home.

4 days and 40 km so far, I'm very happy. It's ready for some longer trips.

From the catalog:

Minerva metallic blue. 

And the pretty lugs and shifters.

And, hey, Nona. This means you can take the other bike, ride it across Europe, and then sell it. Although I'd like to see you do the full tour on an Omafiets! 


  1. There is a pretty gold one, same size, for sale in ZoeterWoede on!

  2. Hi, funny I have the male version Koga Miyata roadrunner 1980! Same colour!

  3. hoi,Alicia ga morgen in amsterdam naar de heren versie kijken zgan Yeahhhh afz Corne

  4. Good choice. I have a Koga Road Gentelman from 1983. Still great bike.

  5. i got one too. it's got some replaced parts but i find myself very happy with it.