Thursday, May 13, 2010

Kids kids kids!

Today is another public holiday, Hemelvaartsdag, which has something to do with christianity.
However, it's also Polderdag in Zoeterwoude... which I had forgotten but luckily it coincided with my desire to finally see and pet a goat.
I have been planning to visit the Boerderij het Geertje for awhile but until now, the weather has been bad or something else has come up.
Today was tolerably dry for a nice ride through the polders to the farm.

Polderdag is the celebration of the Dutch Polder, a landscaping term for the fields and meadows surrounded by watery ditches, and the farms on them. Most towns in the Netherlands have their own Polderdags on different dates. It's sort of like an "open farm" day. Local cheese farms in Zoeterwoude hosted parties and festivities, and a bike route was planned for day trippers.  

It was crowded! My chief desire to pet some goats was met within seconds of arriving at the Goat farm. Met and exceeded. I spent most of the next hour gripping my heart and cooing over the rampant cuteness everywhere in the crazy scene. Kids kids kids, all on a school day. It must have been a national holiday or something :)



  1. those are the most beautiful goat i have ever seen the top one is the new esktop for my big mac! it replaced bicycles!

  2. Really? :)
    It's very close by, only 30 minutes bike ride...

  3. If you google "What is polderdag," your post is the first hit. I figured it out eventually.


  4. I wonder which kids needed more supervision. ;)