Thursday, May 20, 2010

Contender for Best Local Bar - De Branderij

There are a dazzling wealth of choices for best local bar (relative to our apartment) so we decided to do a subjective survey and contest. Oh, the labor.
Starting with...

De Branderij!

Location: in the shadow of the Hoogsland Kerk. (High Land Church)

Distance from apartment: 120 meters

Website: De Branderij

History: Former coffee roasting, liquor storage building. Interior posts from an old technical school of industry, the benches and paneling from an old church.

Decor: Gorgeous.

Food: Yes! Upstairs. Also, available for parties.

Bitterballen: Tasty, but standard.

Beers on tap: 5, basic selection including a witte bier and a kriek.

Price of Duvel: €3.50




Cute bartender:


  1. Wow, that is gorgeous inside. I think I'd try to visit often just to be in there. Cute bartender always helps, too :D

  2. Amazing! Not too shabby! :)