Friday, May 21, 2010

Contender for Best Local bar - Cafe De Uyl van Hoogland

The owl from the highland!

Location: Also in the shadow of the Hoogsland Kerk. (High Land Church)

Distance from apartment: 160 meters

Website: N/A

History: About 30 years old...

Decor: Interesting, comfortable.

Food: Bar food, salty nuts.

Bitterballen: Standard.

Beers on tap: Grolsch, and Korenwolf selections only.

Price of Duvel: €3.50

Amenities: Smoking room, Outdoor seating, Pinball machines.



Cute bartender: Super cool. (Turns out the party! room was from her birthday party)

Other patrons: Friendly...


  1. CUTE! I'd totally make thhat my local. :D

  2. You should become an expert on the histories of your local pubs and offer a walking tour to tourists.