Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bad saddle maintenance


  1. Actually, this is a new saddle. It starts with the metal frame and after some leather seeds are planted - and with some water and TLC - it slowly grows to be fit for your bum. Generally this happens out of sight: The cycling accessory companies keep it secret.

  2. Hi Alicia,

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  3. Hi Regina- Thanks! Please feel free to list my blog in your directory. Not a problem...

  4. Ughhh, my butt's gonna get hurt when I sit on that broken saddle, even for a minute or two. We always need to keep in mind that quality gear and proper maintenance leads to a longer service life of those parts. Being careful as I am, I regularly check each part of my nickel alloys bike to make sure that the chance of it breaking down will be low, and in addition to that, I always keep my copper-colored alloys bike clean, to prevent the dirt getting on my pants when I go to work with it.