Friday, April 9, 2010

Today's commute

First, I learned the word for toad and crossing. Overstekende padden.

Toad Crossing.

Then, I saw a custom painted car,

And again, the creepy entrance decoration. I realized it is an apartment building, not a house, so several people have to deal with this everyday.

Parking is a breeze. And it's indoors!

One librarian has a chopper.

Next, the ride back home. This was the first funny thing I encountered.

Yes, that is horse poop. It is in the middle of a very wide two way bridge. If the path had a divider for direction, the horse poop would be on the line. However, there is no line, only horse poop. The reason I'm showing horse poop is that despite being in the middle, away from both sides of the path, one cyclist managed to ride directly through it. See the tire treads.

It must have been on purpose... Is cycling here so dull and placid that it becomes some kind of extreme sport to ride through any possible obstacle on the path? If so, here's a duck.

Fortunately, the lack of maimed waterfowl indicates that it isn't a sport to run over things. Probably, there was just one unlucky cyclist who was checking their cell phone as they rode in the middle of the path, in the middle of the bridge and straight through the horse poop.
Which actually makes me think that the horse might have done it intentionally!
What aim.

Here's a pretty pony close to home.

And finally, back in the 'city,' no more animals. Only a young man carrying a crate of Jupiler beer on the back of his bike.

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