Monday, April 19, 2010


My commuter bike is not an omafiets and I've been riding about 25 km a day so my attempts at accessorization do not include the following: 

Excessive foliage,

or beads and spray paint.

Sorry! I'm boring.

Instead, I'm currently thinking about getting a better set of panniers.
And not because I plan to let plastic leaves sprout from the buckles.

I just want buckles.

I bought the simple, inexpensive panniers at the store, €16 and I think it might have been a mistake. Sure, they work, but the flap blows open in the wind unless I tie down the strap. And they are constantly inflated. Water gets in when it rains.

This is annoying.

The more expensive panniers feature snap clasps or magnets, eliminating the annoying fidgeting with a strap, and allow for quick access to the contents. But they are also pretty, twice as expensive and possibly a theft worthy item, which led me to think "big deal, snap clasp. I can deal with this annoying fidgety strap." Ha. Wrong.

Fast Rider is a common brand here and apparently they won an award for "the Fast Carrier Quick Lock System, a new fixation system for double bags.

" Sounds perfect.

Or, Basil...

Or New Look , as shown below on my neighbor's bike.

Nice clasps.

The other option is the one sided pannier with hooks that comes on and off the bike. But, ultimately, I'd like to keep a purse in my panniers, not use the panniers as a purse.

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