Thursday, April 1, 2010

Gnome or Elf?

For my 100th post I'd like to bring up a problem I'm currently having...

How to reconcile my dislike of gnomes with my love of La Chouffe Beer.

The website clearly states that the little man is an Elf, quoted below:

"Our products are easily recognisable due to the friendly elf used to decorate the labels.  Elves and other goblins are amongst the most well known characters in myths and legends from the Ardennes."

And the animation on the website has a number of cute elf-like activities such as barrel balancing, waving, petting a bottle of beer, etc.

(petting the beer)

So what's the problem?

Well, he looks exactly like a gnome.

And he hangs out above the bar waiting to for you to get drunk enough to see him move.


  1. I think they may have just translated the word Gnome incorrectly - but it's still damn good beer, even if you don't like Gnomes :)

  2. I was worried about that... if it is a gnome and not an elf, then I have to find away to like gnomes because I'm not giving up the beer :)
    I like your blog! Because you are in Portland, I'm going to assume you love beer and bicycles, too.
    I had another delicious belgian beer recently, Bink, No gnomes or elfs.