Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Number of horses that I saw on my ride home from work = 6
Number of miniature horses that I saw, same ride = 2
Number of fuzzy ponies (cross between a mini and large horse) = 2
Estimated number of piles of horse shit that I had to avoid on the bike path < 4
Number of ducks that crossed the bike path = 5
Number of ducks sleeping next to bike path = 1 (so cute)
Number of red traffic lights that I stopped for = 3
Distance of ride = 14 km
Number of 'fixies' = 0
Number of well dressed ladies in high heels who ran red lights = 2
Total number of cyclists who ran red lights = 2
Percentage of scofflaws in high heels = 100%
Total number of car honks = 0

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