Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Interesting bike racks

Bike racks in the Netherlands come in a few ubiquitous forms, but there are also seemingly random solutions and, of course, the rampant use of any available metal railing.
These particular racks caught my attention with their red 'cuff' structure that overlays a hook for handlebars.

The bike hangs from the hook, then the red cuff is pressed down and a lock can go through it, holding it in place.

In New York, this would be a welcoming and kind gesture to the bike thief, ensuring that they can snip the lock while standing comfortably.

Here you go! Cut it right here sir, mind your back.

This next rack relies on putting a tube in the little slot, then putting something through the ring under it? I'm not sure I understand.

In any case, the back wheel O Lock does most of the security work, so these racks might just be for placement and order.... if you can figure out how to stick your bike in it.

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