Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bird identification

Birds of the Netherlands

(All photographs from the same day!)

One Mr. Mallard

Lady Mallard

The classic Coot.

Big White Duck (possibly a goose, nevertheless,
a fearless fearsome bird, attacks at will, doesn't stop for traffic, etc.)

This is a Brown Loony Bird. (Shy, gentle, swims very fast)

Blue-beaked Gelfing (The less said the better)

A Great Tawny Skeksis

Definitely a pheasant.

A Painted Roc?
Hard to tell without inspecting the webbing on the feet.


  1. Alicia, between you and Bike Snob I'm "ducked" out. Please post some cyclists in their native habitat.

  2. Big White Duck = farm goose = gans.
    Brown Loony Bird = Great Crested Grebe = fuut.
    Blue-beaked Gelfing = Red-Crested Pochard = krooneend.
    Great Tawny Skeksis = Grey Heron = blauwe reiger
    Painted Roc = Mandarin Duck = mandarijneend.

    Does this help? :-)

  3. Hi Frits!
    Thanks :)
    Do you mind if I ask you about any other bird that I come across?