Thursday, February 25, 2010

Seat Covers

Rain and snow do not stop people from bicycle commuting.
A lot of people use seat covers to keep their bicycle seats dry and protected, thus the brilliance of a marketing giveaway- free printed seat covers.
Lots of people use the freebies, but others are more fashionable and/or less compliant in 3rd party advertising.
There are designer seat covers and DIY plastic bag projects.
Here's a quick selection.

This is a bag from the local supermarket.

Plastic with lace edgings.

Ceramic pets approve of this designer seat cover.

Bike cap. Excuse me.


  1. Nice blog, I found it on the expat blog site. And I like this post on bike seat covers, mine has cake and tea pots on it :)

  2. Great post. I use grocery bags on my seat. I always think that i should buy a proper bike seat cover, but since most bikes/bells/lights/bags end up stolen, I haven't bothered :)

  3. Hello Lily-Margaret and Mlle. Thanks for the comments! I haven't had to deal with theft yet in the Netherlands but yeah, in NYC everything would be taken :(
    Teapots and cakes! Adorable.

  4. When I got my newest bike, the seat was a bit hard and small for my taste/comfort. so I wrapped it in a few dishtowels, a sleeve from an old sweatshirt, and covered it all with a vinyl seat cover that sort of matches the pattern of my panniers. The bike definitely has more style than I do, but it is now customized and comfortable.