Thursday, February 4, 2010


Glass and paper are recycled here very easily.
There are receptacles on the street separating glass by color: groen, rest and wit.
Green, "the rest" and white.
Paper goes in the receptacle on the left.

Beer bottles can be returned for money at the supermarket along with some plastics. I still can't find a place for recycling metals, or smaller plastics. I'm washing and collecting them on a shelf at the moment.

I bring up the glass recycling because I had so much fun with it earlier this week.

That little receptacle in the picture is for several town blocks.
This is Europe! There is no way it could fit the wine bottles of all the people in the area!

Unless it is emptied every day, it must fill up and overflow daily...

So when I approached it with my bag (more than a few, more than a month's worth) of wine bottles, I decided I'd leave the bag behind, if necessary...

Awesomely,  it wasn't necessary because
under the green box is a vast, deep reservoir.
Each bottle goes  down the chute and falls with a loud satisfying crash and the glass breaks apart.
SMASH! Tinkle tinkle.

I immediately set out to buy more wine.

They should consider doing this in Brooklyn!


  1. Hey! Just found this blog. I live in Leiden too - I've never seen "The rest" before - at the place I recycle you have brown, green, white (as in clear, Mike).

    Disappointingly a friend did witness them emptying the bottles... all went into the same place - it could have been a one off, but it was still not nice to hear.

  2. Hi Dean! Really? All in the same place... well,then the separation must be purely for the entertainment of the recyclers.
    My dutch is very bad so when I typed "rust" into google language tools it gave me this list.
    I just went with the first one :)

    1. rest
    2. repose
    3. reposal
    4. recess
    5. quiet
    6. quietude
    7. quietness
    8. lie-off
    9. placidity
    10. pause