Monday, January 11, 2010

Traditional Dutch cuisine

Stamppot - Mashed potatoes with another vegetable or two mashed in. All mashed into a mush. Several varieties of Stamppot are named below. It is typical to make a gravy to accompany the dish. Scoop a little valley into the mush and pour in the gravy. Sausage on top!

Hutspot - Mashed potatoes with boiled and mashed carrots and onions. This dish has a storied past and is associated specifically with Leiden. Apparently, in 1574, the citizens of Leiden flooded the canals to force the Spaniards out and they found potatoes, carrots and onions at the abandoned Spanish camps.
This is now the dish of Leiden. Served with a hunk of meat on top.

Boerenkool - Mashed potatoes with boerenkool (kale). Boerenkool is boiled and then mashed in with the potatoes. Served with a sausage on top.

Zuurkool - (see below!) Mashed potatoes with sauerkraut cabbage mashed in and spek, a thick bacon. Served with a sausage on top.

Here's my attempt at Zuurkool.

Thanks to Sophia for the recipe! And the wonderful hospitality last month.

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