Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pre-rusted and mollusked bike for sale

The bike is still there.
The party table is still covered in Heineken bottles.
It has been more than one week, almost two.

These things are driving me crazy.

I can only do something about one of these things.


The bike is now up for sale. Best offer + international shipping costs.

Here it is:

This bike is a classic Dutch commuter bike shipped to you straight from the Netherlands, or, Holland if you prefer. It has been pre-rusted and covered in rare European mullosks. The frame is a sophisticated shade of brown and has been tempered with texture derived from the Dutch canals. As you've probably heard, Dutch bikes are the newest trend in cities such as New York and Seattle. They are heavy, practical and very hip. Be a fashion icon, use an enclosed chain guard. It's worth it. And combined with the exclusive Dutch weathering and texture system, this bike is sure to be the envy of all your friends.
Included with the bike are an O-lock, a rear rack and fenders.
Email me for more details.

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