Sunday, January 31, 2010

Double take

I've been doing volunteer work at the local animal shelter since last November.
It is a fantastic way to stay busy and to get lots of doggy love. I walk the dogs for a few hours and then help clean up the kennels for the night.
I can say 'good dog' in Dutch.
Prima hond!
Also, sit. Zit!
Wait. Wacht!
and treats... Koekjes.
Notice that most of the words sounds like English but with a funny accent.
Dogs don't care about accents. Only koekjes.
The benefits for the dogs are socialization, exercise and the security of scheduling.
The benefits for me are exactly the same!  Weird.

Here's a picture of the shelter with the pet ambulance in front.

And here's the reason I nearly fell off my bicycle on the way to the shelter earlier this week.

I was across the street, cycling along, when I thought I saw a stuffed bird attached to a plate glass window like it had flown into it. 
In fact, that is what I saw.
A stuffed bird butt.

Once I got close enough to photograph it, I noticed that the bird also has a head and beak which are on the inside of the window.

What the hell?
I can't even think of keywords to use in google to research this.


  1. It means that in that particular house a baby is born. What you see is the rear end of the stork delivering the baby.

  2. Thank you Norma! I've never seen this before. The baby-stork idea makes sense... I'll google "baby" "stork" "window" "collision" :)

  3. lol love it! I'll buy some of those to sell in chic NYC boutiques, much more useful than your canal bike and cheaper to ship!