Tuesday, January 5, 2010

December in the Midwest

I just got back to balmy Leiden. It's so nice and warm here!
It was -13 C in Iowa.
Freezing! Bicycle riding was seemingly impossible.
I heartily admire the two intrepid cyclists that I saw riding through the snow... and I hope they get their licenses back soon and stop with the DUI nonsense after this harsh winter. If I have the story wrong and they are actually choosing to ride in the freezing awful snow, then, damn.
Give 'em some more bike lanes, please!

In other transportation news, the highway roads were very slippery for a few days and many cars spun off the road.
This truck slid into a snow bank. We thought it was full of wood or something,
but no,
those are deer. Dead rigor mortis deer. 

The dead animal theme continued with a stay at the Cheshire Lodge in St. Louis, Missouri for New Year's. It's a faux English Hunting lodge and there are more than a few stuffed waterfowl bedecking the walls. The Fox and Hound pub inside the Lodge has some deer, ducks and a nice stuffed raccoon to loom over the patrons and freak them out when the Bacardi kicks in. I blame the raccoon for my spilled champagne.
Here's the bear in the lobby. (Picture taken with my new camera. Yay!)

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