Saturday, December 5, 2009

Market day

Leiden has an open air market twice a week. The smaller one is on Wednesday and the large one with double the number of stalls is on Saturday. The market stalls line the Nieuwe Rijn on both sides and over a bridge. It's quite crowded, perhaps because it's the best place to buy vegetables, cheese, underwear, spices, electrical sockets, socks, and bicycle parts.
Today, it started out rainy.

So we hid under the tarp of the electrical socket stall.

Until the sun came out with the rain and made a rainbow over the socks and leggings stall.

We bought some delicious cheese and went looking for my favorite vegetable stand. One of the vegetable stalls had a Zwarte Piet helping out.

The fish or 'vis' stalls have popular sandwiches for sale.

And they've put an ice rink in the Nieuwe Rijn!

If you look closely you'll see two Zwarte Pieten and one mullet.


  1. I can't believe how prevelant the guys in Zwarte Piet outfits are. Ice Skating? At the market? I hope it stops after December 6th. We're having a St. Nicholas Day brunch tomorrow, but it will not feature a Zwarte Piet. Maybe I'll get a mullet, though.

  2. Oh, they even have plugs for old-school irons? Fantastic!
    Well, I'm an amateur electrician / electronics builder, and I like visiting flea markets. There's a lot of nice doohickeys to buy. Sometimes one can even get cheap vacuum tubes.