Monday, December 7, 2009

Camera fumbled!

A few shots that I missed this past week:

While biking home from the Sinterklaas visitation of the physics lab (it's quite normal for academic departments and private businesses to hire a Sinterklaas and Zwarte Piet to visit them), I saw a car full of Zwarte Pieten and one Sinterklaas with a staff poking out the window. The car was honking. As they moved forward, I saw that they were honking at an actual black guy walking down the street.
He smiled and waved at them.

A punk guy with piercings and dreadlocks cycled toward me holding a large bong with one hand. A pigeon flew at his head. He screamed and swerved.

A woman had a large christmas tree bound to the back of her bicycle.

Windsurfers. In strong stinging wind and rain.

** People put blinky lights on their dogs when they walk them after dark. Does this happen in the U.S? I've never seen it before. SOooooo cute. 

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