Thursday, November 5, 2009

Mini-skirts suddenly make sense

It rains here. A lot. Everyday, on and off for half of the day, and then the other half of the day. Maybe it will stop for a few seconds, a couple of minutes, people will comment that it's a nice day and then it will rain again.
There is moss everywhere.
All bicycles have fenders.

The women run around in little mini-skirts with tights and boots. And by run around, I mean ride bicycles. I thought this is simply because Dutch women have nice legs and very sexy boots. It turns out that although those facts are true, the real rationale for wearing mini-skirts is, Rain.

This rationale made itself irrefutably evident on my pants.

Observe, the mini-skirt portion of my pants is still dry...  Tights will dry more quickly than heavier pant fabric, plus you can change them without exposing your underwear. Sexy boots would have deflected the water from the bottom hem. It's obvious. A mini-skirt is the practical choice for riding in the rain!

I will have to imitate the locals. The local women, that is, not the local designers of quality rainproof wear, Wit Industrial Design, Olaf Wit & Elianne van Dorp of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Although their products seem excellent and suitable for some people. For me,

This is NOT an option:

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  1. I'll have to look into that here.