Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Make Sausages, Not Toast

We bought a toaster oven... the settings are all in Celsius. We made a little chart with a Fahrenheit to Celsius conversion. 350 F = 177 C, 400 F = 205 C, etc.

The conversions are very helpful because I brought the Joy of Cooking with me from New York. I received it as a gift from my parents several years ago. It's large and heavy but was important enough to take up room in my suitcase. I know, I know, all recipes are online now... but it's not the same! The book is better. I love it so much that now I give it as a gift to the uninitiated. The first copy I gave away is currently being used as a yoga block, which is pleasing too. A multi-use cookbook will never go out of style.

... and it's Fahrenheit based so the chart is perfect. But this is all subterfuge from my stupidity.

The "toast" function does not rely on degrees.

The "toast" function relies on a pictograph, or so I thought. The symbol in the left is actually for the "grill" function.

I discovered this after making "toast," walking away from the "toaster," and then burning the toast, smoking out the apartment, running around opening all the windows and finally, pulling out the instruction manual for help.

Here's the page with the pictograph.

Roastbeef, Roast of Lamb, Apple Tart, Cake and Sausages. In French and English. No toast.
It dings after the manually set time has run out. There are no preset times for perfect toasting.

Below are more details for grilling your sausages. Step 9 in Ikea-esque pictures, watching your sausages, is the key step that can be applied to other items, such as toast.

And, yes, I did unplug it today.

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  1. Looks like heat-rays shooting out from your eyes! Make sure there's no kryptonite lying around.