Monday, November 30, 2009


Or Sprinkles... The Dutch put them on a slice of bread. Not cupcakes or ice cream.
Plain old bread.
We decided to try some at home. It was ... underwhelming.
Hagelslag on bread tastes exactly the way one imagines sprinkles on a piece of bread would taste. The experience is not transformative.

However, it is very pretty!

(unless you've ever discovered mouse droppings on a countertop)


  1. Did you use enough butter? I actually really like sprinkles on bread. You might also want to try white bread from a bakery rather than the standard grocery store break. Another awesome Netherlandish specialty is pudding that comes in milk cartons. You can put sprinkles on it, too!

  2. Butter might do the trick, I only used a little bit... and I'll have to find the pudding of which you speak! :)