Monday, November 23, 2009

The Case of the Grinning Cat

We returned from Paris last night. It was a wonderful trip! Among the many things that I was excited to see, was the yellow cat. I hear there's one in NYC. I never saw it... sad. I'll have to find the one in Amsterdam when I visit.

There's a strange and thoughtful film about the cat "The Case of the Grinning Cat" by Chris Marker, if you are curious. French politics, street art, protests, absurdity and artistic contemplation are all within the purview of the cat.
That's my classy show of culture.
Another exciting find was a Starbucks near our hotel. The French (and the Dutch) like to drink little cups of espresso in a cafe while sitting in spindly chairs. I am accustomed to drinking large cups of liquid while walking or sitting in an armchair.  Three little sips just doesn't do it for me.
In Leiden, I can make coffee at home but our Paris hotel did not have a machine...Visiting museums without coffee would have been impossible.
Thank goodness for Starbucks. And the cat!

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