Sunday, October 25, 2009

Worst wine label

Huiswijn Rood from the supermarket Hoogvliet...
Do you see the happy blue shopping cart on the label? (Look closely, it's a shopping cart, not a toilet.)
It wants you to buy the wine.
Your shopping cart loves wine.
This supermarket has a level of kitsch that is hard to describe. But it also has the best freshly baked croissants I've found so far! I have photos from an earlier visit where I was so taken with the animatronic bears, pigs and cows that I didn't even look closely at the labels.

The pigs (over the meat display) move and simulate music-making for a few minutes at a time.
The child in the cart is very entertained.

Bears in the bread aisle!
The saxophonist has red plastic lips to show that she/he is wearing lipstick. I'm not sure when these tableaus were installed. It would seem the thing to do now is to put in a big screen TV with animations, rather than create stuffed animals that dance. I'll have to ask a store manager during my next croissant run.

Bears in the bread aisle! The lipstick bear is no longer playing the saxophone. Now she/he is playing the guitar.