Saturday, October 24, 2009

Van Moof

The Van Moof bicycle is a really cool new Dutch bike and only a little over my price range. Ok, more than a little, but it's still relatively cheap for something that should be sold at the MOMA design store.
I did not buy one. Instead, I spent a lot of time looking for information about them, specifically looking for information about where the supposed solar cells are located... no luck! Where? In the silver frame? The handlebars? I want to know! ... and then wondering if the Dutch weather would provide enough sun to recharge the battery for the lights. My guess is no. It's nice and cloudy this morning. A bit rainy too. Like yesterday and the day before. A solar powered lighting system on a bike depends on leaving the bike outside during the day with some sunlight. Ha! Good luck doing that here.
This system would also be inconvenient for NYC riding. Leaving a pretty bike like the Van Moof outside all day isn't a smart thing to do. It would get far too much attention and end up as a sad frame, fenderless, seatless, chainguardless, handlebarless, wheelless, left only with lights flickering on and off in the night.
(Only if the solar cells are on the frame...)

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