Monday, October 26, 2009

Families on bikes

Last week, all week, was a Dutch school holiday. School were closed and children of all ages were free to run around town. This also meant that parents had to take time off work for younger children and their employers were only too happy to grant them that time. Lefty European values! How horrible!
Consequently, I saw the most adorable arrangements of Dutch families on bikes. Bikes with baskets filled with babies, bikes with toddlers in front loaded push carts. Some parents had their kids on the bike with them and some families had a set of bikes, big, big, and little, little, littlest. It was too cute... I tried to take pictures without appearing to stalk the families but that was difficult. Every time I turned around there was some grandfather with his little grandkids riding on one bike. I was too shy to take pictures at close range... Also, with my confounded digital camera, it takes precious seconds to turn on and focus. So, excuses aside, if you want to see some really excellent pictures of Dutch people and families on bikes, I'll have to recommend a blog I just found, Amsterdamize.
Here are my shots:


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  1. How dare they promote their version of "Family values"? Can't you see how it ends up making for a more happy society. Can't have that here!