Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bike parking at Leiden Centraal Station

Population of Leiden: 118,000

The above sign is a map of the bike parking available around Leiden Centraal Station. Yes, a map. They have so much bike parking that they need a map. It's amazing. It was my intention to photograph every parking area but my elation turned into grumpiness when I inevitably started thinking about the NYC attitude toward bike parking. Those little bus stop sized hubs on 17th, 23rd, fit only one or two dozen bikes... and who would leave their bike there? No safety, no space, no convenience... Anyways, this is about Leiden. So, to be clear, I photographed only one side of the tracks. There's twice as much as I am showing here.

First below is the largest parking area, the Stadzijde/halfondergrondse.

Facing one way, 3rd row. Double stacked!

Facing the other way in an entirely different row

As close to an "overall shot" as possible. This parking facility is HUGE. This is looking down toward the rows with double stacked bikes.

Next is the Alphen's perron area. Smaller but all underground. Double stacked.

Oops, this isn't even on the map. It's near the Stadzijde/halfondergrondse shelter.

And here is an additional sign for the Trafo locatie parking area. It is all outside for short term parking.


  1. Another bike-parking benefit that is missing in NY: safety in numbers! What are the odds that any particular bike will be stolen, when there are so many others just like it nearby?

  2. Yeah- the number of bikes makes me much more confident about leaving my bike there... even with the dinky necklace-like chain that I bought.

  3. Wow! An armada.

    Never gonna happen in the US. Well, "never" is a strong word.....