Friday, October 23, 2009


Blikvanger is "eye-catcher" according the google language tools translator. It's a hoop designed to catch trash thrown by passing cyclists... After using the translator, I plain googled the term and found a funny photo on the city site of Helden. I'm reposting the photo down below but first,

Cats say "miauw" in the Netherlands.

The cat behind this blikvanger did not want to be petted.

Perhaps he was wary of Dutch teenagers cycling past with one hand and foot in the air, trailed by flying soda cans.

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  1. Bike polo! Set up one on either end of a field. Or make it sci-fi and put it in Caprica.

  2. A "blik" is also a dutch word for a "can" so it's meant to be a "can-catcher" to encourage people to not drop their drink cans on the ground but rather lob them into the net... the sport is that you don't have to stop, you can do it as you peddle by.
    There are some by a few big intersections too, motorists are encouraged to do the same.
    Me,.. alas my aim is so bad even at point-blank range I'd probably make a fool of myself and miss, so I'll stick to the roll of plastic bags in the glove compartment and the rubbish bin any day.LOL
    It's an excellent thought for those who have the gift of "aim" though and it definitely encourages people not to litter.