Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bicycles, pt. 1

My new (used) bicycle is in this shot! It's hard to distinguish, and that's the point. I didn't want my shiny hip red single speed with bullhorn handlebars to stand out over here. 1 million bike thefts a year! Even with more than 1 bike per person... Plus, they'd laugh at me. Faux track bikes and racing bikes are kept indoors and only used for sporting events. Commuter bikes are entirely different. I bought the Gazelle brand, with more speeds than I'll ever use... but the seller told me it was 'sporty' and my main concern was finding a compromise between the antique-y roadsters and the trekking style that I could use everyday without hilarity or theft. It's quite a nice ride, actually. Smooth, dark green and very Dutch.
The neighbors have shiny new self-referential bikes. Here is the Cycling Dutchman.
A custom colorway? Or a bad paint job? Either way, it's definitely a single speed. There are quite a few bikes that are uglified like this- or perhaps it's used to identify a bike in the sea of similar bikes. This appears to be of the "roadster" variety with coaster brakes and one speed. Maybe there is a fancy Brooks saddle under the plastic bag.
This is a bad parking job in the Netherlands. They dredge the canals a few times a year and pull out the errant bicycles.

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  1. Bikes falling into the canal? Yikes!

    Just in case, you should name yours the "Half Moon."